Software Wars

After the Software Wars is a book by Keith Curtis about free software and its importance in the computing industry, specifically about its impact on Microsoft and.

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15/01/2013  · “Software Wars is a movie about the battle for our right to share technology and ideas.” recently had a chance to speak with Curtis, who is now in the final few days of his funding effort, about the movie and what he hopes to accomplish. What gave rise to your interest in free and open source software?

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Keith Curtis turns his book into a film, Software Wars, to educate the public on how important having access to source code and an open development process is to our overall freedom. The impact of software has changed our lives.

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Software Wars Teaser TrailerA movie about how free software will save you thousands of dollars and lead to a better world. | Check out 'Software Wars' on Indiegogo.

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Software wars describes a state where software authors and users argue over which software is best for a purpose and should thus be used by everyone for that task. * Browser wars : Describes the actions of Microsoft, Mozilla, Apple Inc., and Opera continuing to have a rearmament cycle of trying to create the authoritative web browser.

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Cambridge based Cameraman on feature documentary for US-based director. The average computer user is unaware there is a war for.

15 Jan 2013.

I bought a book with a Red Hat Fedora Core 3 CD and took it from there. Software Wars Remastered. While I came to not be all that thrilled with.

Written by an ex-Microsoft developer, Wars is a searing polemic on the state of software development, with its central thesis that “Free” Software (aka Open Source) is our last, best hope for progress.

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