Regatta Report: Peterborough Spring Regatta

Last weekend, on both Saturday and Sunday, twelve crews spanning our four squads travelled south to Peterborough City Rowing Club to take to the water in one of the final regattas of the season for our club. Our athletes were keen to head into the final part of the season strong, showcase the culmination of months of training, and the event offered a chance to mix up our novice and senior squads, experimenting before this year’s novice cohort progress to the senior performance squad next year.

Saturday saw our crews take to a breezy and overcast lake at Thorpe Meadows, with confidence high. Despite having had to juggle exams and training, our crews believed that solid performances would be possible. Kicking things off were our senior men’s double (NOV.2X), with Tom Hillier and Jay Milne passing through in relative comfort to their semi final.

After a bit of a break, our first novice women’s crew (W.NOV.8+) saw our women narrowly miss out on qualification for the final to Leeds University, but still finishing ahead of Sheffield Hallam in what was a Yorkshire-centric heat. Shortly after, our double finished second in a tight semi final to progress to their final. Our novice women’s four (W.NOV.4+ (Winter)) was up next, winning their heat against the Leeds and Sheffield Hallam Universities to progress to the final.

More heats passed, with the remaining crews advancing to their respective finals. The first final of the day saw our novice women’s quad (W.NOV.4x-) place fourth. Our first win of the weekend came in the early evening, with our Novice Men (NOV.8+) getting their maiden win, after a challenging season, beating UCL in the process. Our novice women’s four placed a strong third, again beating Leeds but unable to catch UCL. Our senior double came fourth in a closely matched final, very respectable given that their class was one of the most contested of the weekend. Our senior women’s eight (W.IM3.8+) came a strong third in their final, with Jesus College Cambridge winning a close race.

After such a strong showing on Saturday, Sunday brought better weather and brighter expectations for our crews. And they delivered. All our crews showed strong performances in their heats, despite strong performances from the likes of Nottingham Trent.

Our senior women’s eight (W.IM3.8+) had the first final of the day for our club, coming a narrow second to the hosts, Peterborough City. Their novice counterparts (W.NOV.8+) were next, having soldiered through their heat after their cox, Davo Evans, had to wrangle the boat’s rudder by hand thanks to a snapped cable. Their boat fortunately didn’t cause any problems when it mattered most however, and the women claimed a well earned victory (with Leeds University in second), and some much deserved points to carry into the senior squad next year. Not wanting to be outdone, our senior women were then back at it in the four (W.NOV.4+), with another strong win, and more tankards to pack into the minibus home. A mixed men’s eight (IM3.8+), with crew from both novice and senior squads was next up, placing secondjust off the pace of Wolfson College Cambridge and a bow-ball ahead of Warwick University. A men’s quad, combining seniors and and novices, was our penultimate final of the day, placing second to Nottingham Trent. Rounding off a successful weekend for the club was UYBC superstar and Miles Cup winner Jo McSweeney, alone in a Single (W.MasA.1x) placing a strong thirdwith a boat from local rivals York City in second.

The weekend was undoubtedly one of strong performances for the club, with a lot of positives beyond the tankards to take to our next races (York Summer Regatta and the respective Henley Qualifiers), with a lot of quality across all of our squads. Above all else the results showed the tireless work our squads had committed to, much of it on land in the Winter, is paying off, and there’s a lot of optimism in the club regarding our quality and depth going forward into next year.

Full crews/results (in race order):


NOV.2x: Tom Hillier & Jay Milne – 4th in Final

W.NOV.8+ (Saturday/MacGeachy): Davo Evans (c), Tess MacGeachy, Isabelle Corbett, Lucy Hammond, Rachel Crewe, Clara Zwetsloot, Ceri Hall, Eveline van der Steeg, & Becky Lee – 3rd in heat

W.IM3.8+: Serena Ward (c), Alice Glenister, Jo McSweeney, Josie Phillips, Ica Foglia, Chloe Warrener, Lizzie Maunder, Harriet Clifford, Abbie Flanagan – 3rd in Final

W.NOV.4+ (Winter): Isla McAully, Isabelle Corbett, Olivia Winter, & Olivia Charnley – 3rd in Final

NOV.8+: Rachel Moore (c), Calder Marshall, Rob Simpson, Charles Thomas Xavier Brabbs, Nathaneal Paczek, Freddie Muggleston, Dane Wells, Dane Foster, & Guy Holden – 1st in Final

W.NOV.4x-: Feebz Beetham, Rachel Crewe, Clara Zwetsloot, & Becky Lee – 4th in Final

IM3.4+ DNS due to injury


W.NOV.4+, Glenister: Serena Ward (c), Alice Glenister, Ica Foglia, Leonor Marques-Worssam, & Abbie Flannagan – 1st in Final

NOV.4x-: Jay Milne, Dane Wells, Charles Thomas Xavier Brabbs, Tom Hillier – 2nd in Final

IM3.8+: Masie Swindles (c), Tom Hillier, Rob Simpson, Will Pemberton, Nathaniel Paczek, Calder Marshall, Matt Lees, Charlie Brabbs, Oli Montgomery – 2nd in Final

W.IM3.8+:  Serena Ward (c), Alice Glenister, Jo McSweeney, Leonor Marques-Worssam, Ica Foglia, Harriet Clifford, Astrid Kjær, Lydia Spilsbury, Abbie Flanagan  – 2nd in Final

W.NOV.8+ (Sunday/Phillips): Davo Evans (c), Josie Phillips, Harriet Clifford, Olivia Winter, Lizzie Maunder, Chloe Warrener, Isabelle Corbett, Isla McAully, & Olivia Charnley – 1st in Final

W.MasA.1x: Jo McSweeny – 3rd in Final


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