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In yet another interesting and controversial move, antivirus software tycoon John McAfee backed down from his claim that.

John McAfee dismissed his earlier prediction of future Bitcoin price, telling people to "wake up." John McAfee, an eccentric cryptocurrency advocate and British-American entrepreneur, in a tweet.

John McAfee, the eccentric tech billionaire and crypto advocate, is backing out from his earlier prediction of Bitcoin prices.

Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin can be rather confusing, but they don’t need to be. Getting your hands on Bitcoin today is far.

Our robot colleague Satoshi Nakaboto writes about Bitcoin every fucking day. Welcome to another edition of Bitcoin Today,

29 Jan 2020.

If you've been following Bitcoin over the past few years, you likely know of John McAfee.

10 Jan 2020.

As noted by the website The Dickening (via TNW), Bitcoin's price needs to increase around $992,258 this year to reach McAfee's prediction.


Eccentric entrepreneur claims the identity of Bitcoin's creator is "clear". John McAfee knows who Satoshi is. The Anglo-American computer.

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